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Creative Briefs

Creatives for Climate has – so far – issued two briefs to the creative community, calling on creatives everywhere to use their skills to tell the truth about and amplify awareness of the climate emergency. See past briefs below.

Have an idea for a brief? Involved with a grassroots activist movement and looking for some creative talent? Send us an email.

Are you a creative itching to get involved? This is a self-organized community – there’s also no need to wait for the next brief to land.

Developed a creative execution you’d like to add to our database; or like to share with the world? Share it with us.


Global Climate Strike



We asked the community to come up with creative designs and slogans to get people seen, heard and out in the streets at the Dutch Climate Strike in The Hague on 27 September.


International Rebellion Week



International Rebellion Week saw thousands of activists across 60 cities worldwide create disruption to “business as usual” – led by environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion. In Amsterdam, more than 1000 activists blocked the national museum, the Rijksmuseum and more than 100 arrests were made.

In the lead up to IRW, Creatives for Climate and XR briefed the creative community to come up with creative executions that:


  1. Informs the Netherlands as to WHY International Rebellion Week is happening.
  2. Encourages the Netherlands to JOIN the demonstration.
  3. Becomes visible – the blockade will be seen by tens of thousands, what is the ONE KEY MESSAGE that annoyed drivers can see within a blink of an eye that will cut through?
  4. Reaches MASS MEDIA with a truthful message – so that journalists, news titles and influencers in the Netherlands take note and cover this.


Fridays for Future

A little background

#FridaysForFuture is a movement that began in August 2018, after 15 years old Greta Thunberg sat in front of the Swedish parliament every school day for three weeks, to protest against the lack of action on the climate crisis. She posted what she was doing on Instagram and Twitter and it soon went viral.

The hashtags #FridaysForFuture and #Climatestrike spread and many students and adults began to protest outside of their parliaments and local city halls all over the world. This has also inspired the Belgium Thursday school strikes.

Heat waves, floods, and hurricanes are killing hundreds and devastating communities across the world. Climate change is already a deadly reality. Governments will meet for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) talks in Madrid from December 2 to 13.


Black Friday: Fashion Action Brief

A little background 

The Fashion Industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. It must be held accountable for its crimes against nature and humanity. That’s why the Dutch government must tell the truth to fashion consumers. We need more than vague promises and greenwashing, we need the government to act now and halt the continuing rise of fashion overconsumption that is destroying our climate and ecosystem.

Black Friday is the day on which the global overconsumption of our planet is celebrated. With huge discounts, people are lured into shops, beguiled into buying piles and piles of stuff they do not actually need. Most of the purchased clothing will end up in landfills or sent over to Africa. This is why Extinction Rebellion is organizing a massive artistic action on the 29th of November to declare the FASHION REBELLION!

XR will disrupt Black Friday by organizing an interactive fashion show in the biggest mall of the Netherlands, Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht. The fashion show will be full of multicoloured second-hand and upcycled clothes, which artfully tell the sad story of our time.


Stop CETA!

A little background

The CETA is an international trade agreement, negotiated between the EU and Canada, which prioritizes foreign multinational interests over the public good, and poses an existential threat to our collective wellbeing.

CETA will lead to lower standards of food security, increased pharmaceutical companies’ influence on global healthcare, and to relaxed standards that will limit environmental and social impact. And it gives companies the right to sue governments for ‘lost profits’ as a result of national legislation, undermining the power of national courts and sovereignty.

In theory, CETA is a done deal, but now politicians are rethinking its implications for society, and the environment. And the Netherlands has a one-time chance to veto the treaty. While the Dutch public is aware this is going on, we need to act. As creatives, we can play our part!

What we need

  • Beautiful content that calls the Dutch public to action

Everyone should know about the Dutch government’s vote on CETA,  on Tuesday 18 February.

The message should clearly show the risks of ratifying the treaty, and the golden opportunity the Dutch government has to secure our future, and that of our children!

  • Sharing the content with those who can still swing the vote

Share the beautiful content you created with @JoelVoordewind (ChristenUnie) and @chris_stoffer (SGP), from the two parties that can still swing the vote. Or send members of the CU and SGP an email using this link.



A little background 

Greta Thunberg has inspired millions of young people to school strike on Fridays. But should we leave the responsibility of the future of our planet and our species to young children? Shouldn’t we start taking responsibility ourselves? Governments fail, companies are still too few and too slow to change. It’s time for us, the citizens to step up. Now imagine if Fridays were a day of mass planetary action, an innovation day for the future of our civilisation. A day to re-imagine, re-story and re-design. A day of active participation in our shared world, a radical collaboration day for the future of our planet, humanity, ecosystems and the millions of species that support all life.

Human creativity, imagination and collective intelligence are infinite resources.
What if we can get only 10% of all professionals in the world to join and work on solutions each and every Friday? And now imagine that these professionals start working together, developing together, executing together.
We could build the largest collaborative force the world has ever seen!

What’s the change we want to see in the world?

We want you to use your Fridays for the future. To use your talents and skills, your passion, your drive. That what you can do best. What is your superpower?!
Our aim is to engage 10% of all of the professionals globally to join FFL in 5 years time. That’s around 100 million people worldwide.
What will happen if this combined pool of talent will start collaborating on solutions for climate crisis?!


Fossil Free Nederland

A little background

Fossil Free NL is part of a global movement committed to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of community-led renewable energy for all.
Fossil Free started in 2012 as a campaign to push institutions to divest from fossil fuels, building on the work of student-led university divestment campaigns.

Divestment remains a key part of the Fossil Free campaign and you can learn more about the tactic, its many successes, as well as the brief clicking on the button below.