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Energy, transportation, fashion, agriculture, forestry, land management industry, and more, are polluting our earth, pumping high concentrations of CO2 emissions into our atmosphere and degrading our land and water. 


Hemp the Climate is a non-profit organization established in 2020 to support the ongoing worldwide efforts to destigmatize industrial hemp by promoting the plant as a potent carbon sequestration and soil enhancing tool, while simultaneously stressing its further development for commercial use to create stable circular and bio-economies.

With a deep conviction that industrial hemp could be a powerful tool to help our society transit to a carbon-neutral economy and contribute to an overall healthier world, we are forming an action-based campaign to get this idea widely recognized and incorporated by farmers, industry stakeholders, policymakers, academics, governments and environmental organizations working around climate change. 

We believe that by doing so, we will promote the necessary cross-disciplinary sharing of ideas, information, data, and practical skills in order to use industrial hemp to mitigate the climate crisis.


The Brief


What is the impact objective? 

We want to show people the power of hemp for the planet, industry, and local economies and where they can get the resources and education they need to implement in their industry (at Hemp the Climate). It isn’t just for cannabis.



  • To promote hemp as a powerful tool to partially replace fossil fuels, coal and other polluting and unsustainable resources (such as trees for the production of paper). Hemp as a low-emission, climate-resilient pathway.
  • We want to motivate current industry stakeholders to integrate hemp materials into their production/supply chains. (by harnessing an environmentally-friendly material such as hemp, they can meet their co2 reduction goals)
  • Emphasize the importance of the use of hemp materials (hemp fibers, hemp hurds) as a plant-based renewable resource that fits the newly developed bio-economy strategies and other policy papers such as the EU Green Deal). 
  • Accelerate the use of hemp for soil remediation to extract heavy metals and chemical pollutants such as nickel, lead, cadmium from contaminated grounds. (think old steel plants etc.) Show hemp as a regenerative crop with a high added value for farmers.



What’re the most important messages?

Industrial hemp has many qualities that can become powerful tools for saving our planet, creating as it is a versatile crop, particularly because different parts of the plant have different uses. It can also create new revenue stream for farmers and empower local economies. 


What’s the timeline?

TBC. Initial ideas submitted by May 8.


Who is the target audience?

  • Businesses & Companies – they can join the movement by integrating hemp materials in their production and supply chains (by harnessing an environmentally-friendly material they can meet their co2 reduction goals)
  • Policymakers –  EU officials, European Commision, state governments, parliaments, specific politicians, lobbyists, the United Nations office, FAO, international and intergovernmental organizations working around climate change, agricultural associations, farming unions, specific industry clusters 
  • Farmers and Landowners -they can learn how to grow hemp efficiently for the maximum benefit of their land while making profits. (For farmers, hemp represents a globally tradeable commodity that helps suppress weeds and pathogens in soil. When used in crop rotations, it often increases the yield of follow-on crops. The plant improves the soil’s quality and structure. When combined with efficient use of organic fertilizers it eliminates the need for fossil-fuel based pesticides and chemical fertilizers.)


What kind of deliverables would we like C4C to produce? 

  • We need to develop an all-inclusive communication strategy and campaign plan in order to deliver the message and our proposed solutions most effectively to all the target groups and audiences 
  • We need a brand identity package… a visual identity to use across all communication channels both online and in print (brochures, business cards, leaflets etc). We’d like someone to rethink and remake our logo and make it a bit less austere, more interesting and relevant (reflecting our values and the topic). 
  • We need some engaging content for social media and our website (interesting infographics, a short promotional video about the project with a voice-over, online educational booklets about hemp and products that can be made of it, how it can remediate soil, or highlighting its co2 capture potential..) 
  • We need a social media strategy for FB, LinkedIn & Instagram + growth hacking tools 
  • Possible help with website too 
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