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Who are you?

Greta Thunberg has inspired millions of young people to school strike on Fridays. But should we leave the responsibility of the future of our planet and our species to young children? Shouldn’t we start taking responsibility ourselves? Governments fail, companies are still too few and too slow to change. It’s time for us, the citizens to step up. Now imagine if Fridays were a day of mass planetary action, an innovation day for the future of our civilisation. A day to re-imagine, re-story and re-design. A day of active participation in our shared world, a radical collaboration day for the future of our planet, humanity, ecosystems and the millions of species that support all life.

Human creativity, imagination and collective intelligence are infinite resources.
What if we can get only 10% of all professionals in the world to join and work on solutions each and every Friday? And now imagine that these professionals start working together, developing together, executing together.
We could build the largest collaborative force the world has ever seen!

What’s the change we want to see in the world?

We want you to use your Fridays for the future. To use your talents and skills, your passion, your drive. That what you can do best. What is your superpower?!
Our aim is to engage 10% of all of the professionals globally to join FFL in 5 years time. That’s around 100 million people worldwide.
What will happen if this combined pool of talent will start collaborating on solutions for climate crisis?!

Who is your audience?

What drives them? What are they values? What do they hate? What’s the tone of
voice they’ll listen to? What kind of media formats do they like to use?
Primary targets are:
Professionals: creatives, scientists, dentists, designers, lawyers, bankers, dj’s, nurses, teachers…. Everyone that has a job basically! They can’t just turn their back on the system that provides their income, it scares them, but they do want to contribute and do something! They are scared and powerless. They are totally aware that something should happen and they want to help out. FridayFuture.Love offers them the possibility to do just that; work on solutions every Friday.

Companies, especially larger corporates, see their talent go.
49% of all millennials would quit their job (Forbes/Deloitte: https://www.forbes.com/sites/zackfriedman/2019/05/22/millennials-disillusioned-future/#6c8e121f353e)

They want more meaning and purpose in their work, especially the younger ones. FRIDAYFUTURE.LOVE could provide them with a system, even a rotation model, whereby they can enable their workforce to work in shifts on the most pressing issue in the world, while offering their talent a more fulfilling and meaningful career.

Schools and universities: they can’t change their curriculum overnight, but they could start using their Fridays to build and rebuild values based subjects and teach skills that the new world requires.

Civil Servants and governments: on every level, from local, to regional, to national, to international. Governments have failed totally and we have lost a decade. Our efforts should be 4x as high now to reach the Paris goals.
This is the biggest, concerted taskforce ever. An Earthshot.
A decade of action to save our home planet, biodiversity, millions of plant – and animal species…. And ourselves!

What’s your single most important message?
Join us! Start using your skills, your talent, your intelligence, your drive and put it to work to help solve the climate crisis. Every Friday!

Are there any mandatory inclusions?
See link for logo, etc.
hashtags: #FridayFutureLove #FridaysForFuture

What are the desired deliverables?
Campaign development:
– Presentations of the idea for different stakeholders: companies, universities, governments, investors, press, professionals….
– A kit
– Content
– Press Releases

What’s the timeline you’re thinking of?
6 weeks from now we want to start. On Earthday.
April 22nd .

Is there any money available for this?
We will have to raise it. Part of the task and deliverables is a start kit. A presentation for possible funders, one for companies, one for press.

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