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Creatives for Climate
  -  Briefs   -  Can Amsterdam’s creative industry take on the climate crisis?


Our house is on fire. The heat waves that hit Europe this Summer broke world records, Greenland’s ice has melted at a rate scientists didn’t expect to see until 2070, and the fires raging across the Amazon right now strike a further blow to this challenge.

Time is running out and solving our climate crisis requires commitment from all sectors of society, including the creative industries.

On September 18th, The Humblebrag is initiating the Creatives for Climate Summit. Bringing together key stakeholders within the Dutch advertising and marketing industry to create a collective plan of action.  

With talks from climate activist group Extinction Rebellion, outdoor clothing brand Patagonia and former advertising executive and turned brand activist Mark Aink, among others, this event will open a dialogue on the climate emergency and the creative industry’s potential to limit further damage. And it will close with a clear – collective – call to action that all players can implement.

The creative industry has the power, influence and skill-set to inspire action and come up with new solutions. This is why climate activist group Extinction Rebellion directly called on the industry to step up to the challenge in the Guardian earlier this year.

While the scale of the crisis might make it easy for brands and businesses to believe themselves inept at making an impact – according to the Carbon Majors Report only 100 companies are responsible for 71% of the world’s carbon emissions. The Creatives for Climate Summit is an invitation for the industry to be part of the solution.

Linda Moerland, Extinction Rebellion NL says:

“Scientists have confirmed we are in the sixth-mass extinction of Planet Earth. Today, CO2 levels are the highest they have been for millions of years and this is causing more frequent, prolonged and severe wildfires, droughts, and tropical storms. Many cities in the Netherlands are below sea level. Historically, the Netherlands has been successful in managing this, but we are grossly unprepared for the 1-3m rise in sea level expected to materialize by 2100. We too will face an existential threat. I believe the creative industry can lead the way in telling the Dutch public The Truth, something we desperately need in the context of the climate crisis.”

Alex Weller, EMEA Marketing Director at Patagonia says:

“Marketers, creatives, strategists and designers, are in a unique position. We have the ideas and the tools to mobilise citizens in defense of the planet. As a professional community we must take action and the time is now.”

Lucy von Sturmer, Founder of The Humblebrag says:

“The scale of this crisis is so large that we need radical systems-change and collaboration between business leaders across all sectors – like we’ve never seen before.  I started The Humblebrag with the mission to inspire and support business leaders to take a stand on social, cultural and environmental issues. While I’ve been dedicated to championing business as a force for good; I see the limits. Hence the need to organize this summit.  Extinction Rebellion’s message needs to be heard by the creative industry; those that have the power to inform and shape minds.”

Mark Aink, Founder of Native Circles says:
“The creative industry is one of the most effective forces for change in the world… It has already proven it can help accelerate destruction, now is the time to prove it can accelerate regeneration.”

Creatives for Climate Summit

Wednesday September 18. To register interest please send us an email to hello@thehumblebrag.co

September 18th is the first in a new series of talks bringing together cross-industry experts – sustainability consultants, brands and agencies – under the title CREATIVES FOR CLIMATE.

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