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to action!

As storytellers, we hold great power. And with great power comes great responsibility.

The creative industry has the influence and skill-set to inspire action and come up with new solutions. This is why climate activist group Extinction Rebellion directly called on the industry to step up to the challenge in May this year.

Creatives for Climate as an initiative born in Amsterdam, inspired by other grassroots movements, pointing to and building on initiatives across the world, to explore how the industry could – and should – use its power and influence to take a collective stand for the climate.

Our house is on fire


The heat waves that hit Europe this Summer broke world records. Greenland’s ice has melted at a rate scientists didn’t expect to see until 2070. The fires raging across the Amazon right now strike a further blow to this challenge. This is an emergency.

Time is running out and solving our climate crisis requires commitment from all sectors of society, including the creative industries.

Creatives for Climate is an independent non-for-profit initiative we collectively take on to commit our talent to the biggest brief we’ve ever known; keeping planet earth habitable!

The biggest brief
we have ever known?

Extinction Rebellion have made a call to the creative industries to commit their creativity to the biggest brief they’ve ever known. 

The brief is wide open. Extinction Rebellion NL:

“We are not here to serve solutions to you. You are creatives, and you have the power of communication. What can you come up with?” –

We are hosting events, seminars, and talks as well as activating our community to use their talent in response to briefs. Our newsletter is our main channel to disseminate these.




Yes, we deliver creative briefs, but the biggest call to action is to SELF ORGANIZE, and ACT. Just do it.

Through our mailing list, we send creatives briefs to ignite and inspire creative action. But don’t wait for us: change is in your hands.

Here are a few key elements to guide you in your action:

Tell the truth

We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. The truth may be inconvenient, but we need to make it be heard.

Declare a climate emergency

As storytellers and creatives, our task is to spread this message far and wide. Declare an emergency on billboards and on screens. Tell your boss, tell your mom.

Collaborate don’t compete

To imagine and create a new kind of future, we must operate in new ways. Building a sustainable society is a massive, complex and system-wide challenge. There is power in numbers. Get collaborative.

Embrace your agency

We are in a position of power and influence, therefore we have a responsibility to use this power and influence to drive action on the climate emergency.

Join us & take action


We want to collaborate, point to, and support other existing initiatives in this space.


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